Who we are

Lucarda is a clothing store located under the medieval arcades of the “Ripa Maris”, in the heart of the old historic center of Genoa, the Ligurian city where the scent of the sea is confused with the noises of the port, focal point for all contacts with the Mediterranean. But Lucarda is also a traditional, historical, family shop: our shop has been run by the Lucarda family since the very beginning, back in 1920.

It all started with Giuseppe Lucarda, arrived from Schio in the Veneto region, who set up the shop in Via XX Settembre selling fabric; the premises had seven separate entrances and for this reason was referred to as “da-e sette porte”. Later, Giuseppe’s son, having learned the trade and returned from the war, chose the porticoed street called Sottoripa as the location for a “little shop” selling work clothes for dockers and sailors, and casual wear for the Genoese population at large. The legend of Lucarda was born. After Giuseppe (“o scio Mimmo”) died aged 90-something in 1989, it was his children Sergio, Giorgio and Mirella who continued to export worldwide the Lucarda name and product range. Today, the fourth generation is represented by Michela, daughter of Sergio, who runs the shop with the help of the historic saleswoman Nanà.

Lucarda was the first store to sell Jeans in the city, and it became renowned for the famous “Boxer” shirts, the brightly coloured men’s trousers, the blue jackets, the vibrant shades of the striped shirts with boat necklines and the unique “pidocchiere” (rough wool turtleneck sweaters). Legendary personalities from the city such as the singer-songwriter Fabrizio de André, the comedian Paolo Villaggio and the actor Gilberto Govi ​​were just some of the many loyal customers of this shop.


The city of Genoa has recognized Lucarda as a fundamental reference point for a certain kind of clothing, as well as a milestone that has marked the history of the city and which has shaped the fashion and tendencies of the Genoese people for almost a century. For this reason, Lucarda is listed, along with other 31 shops, as one of the “historic shops” of Genoa.


Today we mainly sell casual and sports clothing, and clothing for sailors, sailing and workwear.

Lucarda retains the charm and the memories of an ancient maritime tradition; it also maintains strong bonds with the past and its history; even at present, the shop has remained much the same as it was with the original shelving and black and white stripes in accordance with the Genoese tradition; when you get to the top of the stairs of the ancient building, you come to the small premises with wooden panelling from the previous establishment, a jute store, adorned with memorabilia from the age of the great liners, as well as with family photos and objects from many parts of the world.

Lucarda is a living part of the history of Genoa; here past and present are intertwined and tell of the sea, its people, as well as of the identity and history of a century and a city.

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